Lazy Sweet Tycoon
Lazy Sweet Tycoon is a competitive incremental idle clicker game where you run your own sweet factory business!
Upgrade Factory

Buy new furnaces, conveyer belts and other machinery to optimise your production

Research Tech

Discover new technology to give your factory the edge over the competition!

Enhance Product

Increase the quality of your product

Hire Transport

Maximise your export rate to generate more profit!

Power Up!

Trigger boosts to make your factory go into overdrive mode!


Beat your friends high-scores and battle for ranks!




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Get some answers to your frequently asked questions

Do you have cloud save support?

Not at this time. If you uninstall the game you will lose your progress. However, if you reinstall on the same device your premium currency and trophies will be restored.

How do I change my name?

Either when you first access the leaderboard menu, or through the settings panel. Go to settings ( by pressing the gear icon top right of screen ) and pressing Edit Name.

How do I increase my Score in the Live Competitions?

Your Score is a measure of well you have run your factory. How efficient you have been with managing and optimising your income. Ultimately, the more you earn the higher your score.

How Score calculated in the Live Competitions?

Your Score is best described as an Efficiency Score, and is made up of 4 key components:

  • Earning Points
  • Purchase Points
  • Transport Points
  • Object Points

Firstly Tap.

Tap whenever you can, whenever you're boosting your Earning Points (shown as a percentage at the bottom of the screen, in either Green or Red), you increase your Earning Points and Score. Earning Points are averaged over the duration of the competition.

Other ways to boost earning include; Hiring Staff and Motivating them, or if you prefer a more passive style, Fire your staff and reduce their Salary as well as your Micro Management and you'll decrease your costs, and Earn more!

Next, Purchase Points, you can increase and decrease your Score by purchasing rare upgrade quotes, don't rush, try to hold-out to get Epic (Purple) or Legendary (Gold) upgrade quotes as they grant the most points, and avoid Common quotes as they reduce your score. Upgrade points are added to a float of points set aside for buying habits.

Next, balance your Transport for Transport Points, this doesn't have a huge impact but could be the difference between 1st and 2nd. Try to have as little Excess as possible and ensure it's never negative.

Finally but crucially, Object Points, ensure you tap and catch Planes, Golden Rams or Golden Sweets, as well as and Charged Objects.

Object Points are reset at the beginning of each Competition. Object Points are awarded for tapping Charged Objects and 'Popping the Profit' out of them (the glowing sheep, trees, and vehicles, charged by depleting your Sugar via tapping or holding down your finger in the environment). The rarer the Charged object the more points you'll earn, Common = white glow, Rare = green flow, Epic = purple, and the most points are awarded for Legendary = gold glowing objects.

Is my Score reset at the end of each Live Competition?

Your Score is made up of many Elements but the most crucial, described in more detail above, is your Earning Score, which is averaged over the duration of the competition.

You will carry the last period of earning average over into the next competition but they will be overridden as the Competition ensues. So with 24 hour competitions: 12 hours into a given competition, you'd have 12 hours of yesterday's Earning Score and 12 hours of today's Earning Score. But by the end of the 24 hour competition you'd only be using fresh Earning Scores (today's earning values). So in effect you get a boost which is removed by the end of the Live Competition.

Certain parts of our efficiency score system are reset immediately when a new competition starts, such as Object Points. Explained Above.

Where do I compete and how do I get Trophies?

Open the Leaderboard icon on the HUD. You'll see our Top Players, followed by a ‘Live Competition' tab, open to see your Efficiency Score and standing. Be online and have the game open when the Competition timer ends to receive Trophies based on your finishing position in the Live Competition.

Why didn't I get Trophies?

To gain trophies you need to be online when the competition ends. We are limited at the moment by our online server provider but we have plans to implement a system where you won't be required to be online to gain trophies. Keep an eye on our discord channel for further updates.

What do Trophies do?

Currently it gives your bragging rights, but in future we plan to reward currency and exclusive prizes to users!

How much can I earn offline?

You can earn up to 24 hours offline. However, this can also be capped if your factory has an accident while offline - make sure you set up your management to take care of your factory while you are away!

The game has performance issues

Go to settings ( by pressing the gear icon top right of screen ) and you will have multiple options to toggle

For fastest performance:

  • Post Fx Off
  • Shadows Off
  • Low Resolution On
The game makes my phone hot or drain my battery

Follow the steps above for ‘The game has performance issues' and also enable 30 FPS Lock. This will cap your frame rate and reduce the power consumption.

The game crashes or the game doesn't start

Oh no! Please join us on our discord to speak directly to a developer!

Let us know the following information:

  • Country
  • Platform
  • Device model and OS version
  • When did the game crash?
  • What were you doing before the game crashed?
Can I transfer the game from iOS to Android or vice versa?

No, unfortunately, that isn't possible, to play on both devices you will have to download the game from both stores.

What features are you planning next?

If there is a feature you think would be a great addition let us know! You can send us feedback through the in-game feedback form that is in the settings screen, send us an email at or join our Discord channel!

I found a bug

Please send us a bug report through the in-game feedback form within the settings menu. Make sure to select “Bug” as the category and we will look into it.

Why are there IAPs in a Premium Game?

We believe in offering purely cosmetics and a small upfront fee to the game to help us best to carry on development. The reason for this is so we don't have to add in any rewarded ads or Pay2Win elements, but can generate ongoing revenue from cosmetics to support future development.

This is the best way for players to enjoy the game and for you to support us to bring you more enjoyable content. Thanks for playing